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Waste Paper Recycling

Am Green Recycling reveals that virgin paper made through trees and still Generation doesn’t care about trees.

Loha (Iron)

A major component of infrastructure all across the world, this is what makes the tallest structures stand strong for long durations of time.

Waste & Old Plastic

Waste old plastic pyrolysis plant is used to convert the waste plastic to oil gas and liquid oil for fuel. The systems use a continuous liquefaction technology..

Old Appliances

You might think scrapping requires you to scour your neighborhood and look on the side of the road for metal other people have discarded..

E-waste Products

E-Waste Management Company in Delhi, We help Corporates to Sell E-Waste at the best Price with 100% Compliance.

Cardboard & Books

We have Waste Paper Old Text Books Scrap, For Recycled Paper, Packaging Size 30kg. We are professionals in this field for many years.

What can you recycle?

Promote Your Environment

What you can recycle depends on completely your mind and your area, As per Am Green Recycling that not all materials may be recyclable but 65%-70% materials can be recyclable. So that we should check with your local recycle center to find out what you can and cannot recycle. And as able for recyclable so make do recycle from us. Such as every virgin paper can be recyclable at recycling market. Because virgin paper direct generate by trees therefore its recyclable thing.

You’ll notice that recyclable products are labeled that and write on their it’s recyclable or not. Also check with your city to make sure that you have the correct disposal containers available to ensure your efforts are being put to good use and heading to the recycling center rather than the landfill you are working so hard to avoid and move to go Green along with unique Am Green Recycling and make do safe and secure country.

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Promote Your Environment


The most important path of our success is that we are working listen to safety and we offer a several kind of equipment to our team whereby raising Am Green Recycling team can save our health. Actually many times clients also don’t know that as waste paper hand over of Am Green Recycling in to include hazard thing which can Impact directly human health. Therefore we must provide safe working conditions and equipment and ensure safe behaviors. We place the highest grade value on health and safety. Am Green Recycling is confident of releasing the facility (quickness) on time.


We have a responsibility for the continued success of our company, and we are rising day to day in waste management industry. Reason is that we make keep loyalty relation with client. And after all however doing something wrong by our side so we call to client directly and ask about any convenience or inconvenience. Such more instruction we have as constantly follow and after all that we want earn appreciation, excellent point from client way. Am Green Recycling is confident of releasing the facility (quickness) on time.


We want to make our India better place like other countries. We want become environmental stewards, and contribute with us for safe and secure our Mother Earth we encourage people and everyone members of the communities use recycle paper and save trees. Don’t thrown the paper even do segregate for us from everywhere where we live and work. We are responsible for ensuring that our shared natural resources are available for generations to come. Am Green Recycling is confident of releasing the facility (quickness) on time.


Whatever committed by Am Green Recycling according terms and condition those whole thing do follow with ethical behavior and personal integrity. Quantity of each product or measure of quotation as mention on recycling certificate and more thing like that not need to across check because entire quantity of stationery manage our prominent management. And our professional working way is huge different. And after all that Am Green Recycling is confident of releasing the facility (quickness) on time.

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Promote Your Environment
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